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Hatch has been a DJ since the 80's. He is also known for some cartoon and commercial voices. He freelances his voice to various projects and has a background in stand-up comedy. With experience in radio and professional DJing, he can provide a memorable night of music, laughs and dancing.

"You were awesome. We had 170 guests and most were on the dance floor all night. Comments from our guests included "these guys play awesome tunes" ; "great music" ; my feet are sore from dancing so much". Thanks again for the awesome job!" - Matt and Shannon,


Rob is one of those rare guys that loves music so much that he was the geeky kid that brought the music to the school dances. Having worked in many clubs around the Metroplex, his extensive knowledge of tunes and what makes people dance is a wonderful asset to your event !

Over the years, we have had some great DJ's come and go...some are still in the business, some have moved on to other things and others have just kept in touch. Here they are (in no particular order)

  • Robert Bellamy (11 years)
  • Wes Nickerson (6 years)
  • Carter Brown (1 year)
  • Mike Spies (1 year)
  • Dave McFadden (2 years)
  • Chris Edgley (2 years)
  • Cleat Humphrey (2 years)
  • Jim Burtch (1 year)
  • Fraser Edmonds (1 year)
  • Dave Holmes (1 year)
  • Don LeBlanc* (11 years)
  • Garry Zeiger (2 years)
  • Mike Bennett (4 years)
  • Steve Minnema (3 years)
  • Dave Cossaboom (3 years)
  • Brad Fraser (2 years)
  • Rob Kennedy (2 years)
  • Mike Pilon (3 years)
  • Paul Laing (2 years)
  • Mark Twilliger (2 years)
  • Luis Cunha (4 years)
  • Craig Desrosiers (2 years)
  • Paul Lunt (2 years)
  • Thom Brown (2 years)
  • Craig Gibson (1 year)
  • Mike Putszkai (1 year)
  • Jason Kennedy (2.5 years)
  • Morgan Middleton (2 years)

    * Don LeBlanc celebrated his 10 year anniversary in 1998 with Reg Green/After Dark DJ Services. He is still an active DJ with a combined 35+ years experience. Congratulations!

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