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Please read the article below "How to Choose A DJ" to better help you understand what to ask and what to look for.

It is so easy when planning your wedding to acquire your services in the order that they will happen. You start with your church, then get a banquet facility, the catering, photographer, formal wear and then the DJ.

Try to remember when planning your wedding, that the music is just as an important detail as is selecting the right location for your reception. If the music and DJ are from the "bargain basement", you may be disappointed that your event will end on a sour note. (pardon the pun). When you think about it, the dance portion of your wedding is the longest single part of your day. The 4 or 5 hour dance IS the last impression your guests will have as the night draws to a close.

For your wedding, the DJ will be well dressed, polite and informative. We can also provide the ceremony music for your special day. From the Processional to the Recessional Music, we will provide the perfect balance of sound and selections for your signing of the registry.

How To Choose A DJ
by Richard A. Rozek

Choosing a DJ for your function is one of the most important decisions you can make to insure the success of your planned event. Everything else can be perfect, but if the music is not good, the party will fizzle. Selecting the right DJ can be confusing. There are over a 100* DJ services in the Metroplex area, all promising they will do a great job for you. So how do you pick the right one for you? This article will provide some guidance to help you make the decision easier.

The best and easiest way to find a DJ you will like is to hire one you have already seen. If you have been to a wedding or a party where the DJ was great, find out who he or she was. If you have not seen a good DJ recently, ask your friends. Your friends probably have the same taste in music as you. Maybe they have attended a function you missed. Let them know ahead of time you will be looking, and ask them to keep their eyes and ears open. If this does not work, your job gets tougher. You then may have to go to a search engine or worse, the yellow pages. Look under Disc Jockeys If you are planning a wedding, a Disc Jockey whose ad says Specializing in Weddings would be a good one to call. You will probably find several DJs whose ads look good. Make sure they are a member of a professional group to ensure the best conduct and business codes.

How do you tell which one is best?

Probably the worst way to choose a DJ is on price alone. Some DJs are more expensive than others. Prices can range from $350 to $700 for a 4 hour event. That is quite a difference and it would be very tempting to choose the cheapest alternative. If that is all you can afford than you have no choice. But consider the law of supply and demand. there is a reason some DJs can charge more than others. They are usually worth it. More expensive DJs tend to be the more experienced DJs. They can charge more because they are in demand and have a lot of jobs and they have a good reputation. They also use top of the line equipment and are up to date with current selections. Generally, the DJs on the low end of the price scale are new to the business and trying to get established. They use older equipment and may not have a great selection of music. They could do a great job, and might be worth a shot if your party is on the informal side, But there is definitely more risk with a less experienced person. When it comes to a special event like a wedding, you want a professional entertainer, not crossed fingers. As you speak with the DJs, pay attention to their professionalism over the phone. It tends to spill over into their DJ style.


The most important thing to ask about is their experience with your type of event. If you are planning an event like a wedding or company party, it would be normal to expect a professional DJ to have performed for at least 20 of these events. A number in the hundreds is actually common for a DJ who is well established. DJs with less experience might also do a good job. And they will usually cost less. If you talk to one who sounds interesting, ask him or her to see thank you notes or letters they may have received over the years. A reputable DJ service will proudly display these in their office. Ask if they are connected with any associations that cater to the DJ marketplace.

If you see a DJ at a live performance, observe how they interact with the crowd. Are people having fun? Are people dancing? Is the music too loud? Is the DJ dressed appropriately? Does the DJ keep the event moving? Can you understand what he or she says over the microphone? These are all good clues to the DJs skills and personality.


Always ask the DJ about their policy on requests. The best DJs will take requests from the audience and work them in to their routine. However, do not expect the DJ to play every request. Many requests are simply inappropriate for the mood of the event. A good DJ is not a jukebox. He or she will blend requests with songs they feel will properly motivate the crowd. Instinctual timing is critical in the art of DJing and this takes experience. Forcing a DJ to ignore his or her instincts by making them play every request will result in an uneven (and less fun) party. On the other hand, the DJ should try to play as many of your audiences requests as possible. Try to get a feel for the philosophy regarding requests as you interview them. It is also appropriate to give a DJ a list of 5 or 6 songs you must have. Just do not make that list 15 or 20 songs long.

Many DJs boast about the number of songs they have. While variety is great, the fact is, they will only be able to play about 75 songs in a 4 hour show. Having the right 75 songs is more important than having 20,000 songs the crowd does not want to hear. After you tell the DJ what type of party you are planning, and who the audience will be, ask them what kind of music they suggest. You should feel comfortable with most of their selections.

Sound Systems

When it comes to a DJs sound equipment, you probably will not know the difference between which brands are great and which are budget unless you are familiar with professional audio gear. However, your DJ should at least have professional grade equipment. If they list brand names you are familiar with, that is a cause for concern. Home stereo equipment is not designed to stand up to 4-5 hours of high volume use. It could fail in the middle of your party! For example, consumer amplifiers that are considered powerful may have only a hundred watts per channel. Typical professional DJ amplifiers usually have 300 to 1000 watts per channel. Professional, custom designed and built sound and lighting equipment is the only type used by a professional DJ Service.

Some DJ companys have more than one DJ working for them. In this case, it is important to inquire as to overall experience. Even if the company has been around for 15 years, they might have hired your DJ last week. The DJ might be a pro or might be newly trained. Be sure of who you are getting. The perfect DJ for you will be affordable, experienced at your type of event and have good people skills. There are probably a lot of DJs out there who fit that description. As you search, remember that above all, you want your event to be fun.

Finally, do not try to be the expert. After all, if you really know as much as you think you do about DJing, music, crowds, etc. than you should be the DJ for your event. Seriously, you do not try to tell the caterer how to prepare and serve the food. Nor would you think of telling the photographer how to use his photographic equipment. A DJs sole purpose is to make your event outstanding...and he or she knows it. Your guests will praise you for your choice in DJs because they will have a great time dancing and socializing with just the right mix of music.

    It is my personal hope you will be able to better decide which DJ service should be trusted with your special occasion. This guide is provided as a courtesy of: Richard A Rozek who has been a Disc Jockey/Emcee since 1984 in New Hampshire, USA

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